LIFO-PRO Software Installation

Full LIFO-PRO Software Installation

Users that are installing & setting up the LIFO-PRO software on their computer for the first time need to download the LIFO-PRO-Setup.exe file.

Click the LIFO-PRO-Setup.exe button below to download the LIFO-PRO software installation file:

iconLIFO-PRO Software Installation Instructions

LIFO-PRO Software Version Upgrade

Current LIFO-PRO Software Version: 5.4.14

LIFO-PRO periodically releases new versions of the LIFO-PRO software. LIFO-PRO recommends using the most recent version of the software available (LIFO-PRO version number displayed on the bottom right below the LIFO-PRO logo of the Main Menu screen in the LIFO-PRO software).

Note: A LIFO-PRO software version upgrade can only be performed AFTER a the LIFO-PRO software has been installed using the LIFO-PRO-Setup.exe file (click the LIFO-PRO-Setup.exe file above if you have not performed a full installation and need to setup the LIFO-PRO software on your device for the first time).

Click the button below to download the LIFO-PRO software Version 5.4.14 update file:

iconDownload LIFO-PRO Software Version 5.4.14 Update File (Released 05/18/2017)
iconLIFO-PRO Software Version Update Instructions

LIFO-PRO Software Full Installation Instructions


LIFO-PRO Software Version Upgrade Instructions


Added Software Features and Functionality

New feature to determine whether the dollar total per the Excel input file & the LIFO-PRO Report 23S total ties- When you go to the screen where the Excel input file is loaded, there is a message box on the left side at the bottom which reads “Select grand total cell before clicking on Start IPIC Index Calculation command button to provide warning message if grand total cell and output sum do not agree”. This message is self-explanatory. I think that most accountants will appreciate this feature because I think this is the easiest way to force yourself to check to see whether these balances tie. If you want to skip this test, if you click on the Start IPIC Index… Command Button while the mouse cursor is on a blank cell, a message box to that effect will appear and you click on the no option, this test is skipped.

Saving LIFO-PRO reports as PDF files-  Starting in 2015 with the Windows 10 operating system, all computers have a factory Microsoft PDF print driver pre-installed that can be found under Devices & Printers in the Control Panel listed as “Microsoft Print to PDF”. This generic print driver will print all LIFO-PRO Reports files within the LIFO-PRO Software. LIFO-PRO uses the Adobe PDF Printer for creating client LIFO reports in the LIFO-PRO Software. The Adobe PDF Printer is preferred because it pre-inserts the appropriate filename in Windows Explorer’s “Save As” Dialogue Box for when prompted for the location to save your LIFO-PRO .pdf file.

Saving LIFO-PRO reports as Adobe .pdf Files

Windows 10 users: You may save LIFO-PRO report files as Adobe .pdf files by clicking the print button within the Automated Report Printing screen (or within any individual report screen) by using the Microsoft Print to PDF print driver. This printer is preinstalled on all computers that have the Windows 10 operating system. To use this printer to save LIFO-PRO reports as an Adobe .pdf file, click the print button and left-click the drop-down menu to the right of the “Name:” label. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF”, and click OK. You will be prompted to provide a name to save your file as.

Note: If using the Microsoft Print to PDF driver in the Automated Report Printing screen, the first file being saved is a log file. Save this file as “delete”, as this pdf will need to be deleted following all other reports being created.

Reference the report screen name/title that appears behind the “save file as” menu screen to name the report that you are saving appropriately. You may also change the folder location of where the Adobe .pdf files are saved within the “Save file as” menu screen as needed.

Saving LIFO-PRO reports as Adobe .pdf files on a Non-Windows 10 device: The LIFO-PRO software will print standard reports automatically as Adobe .pdf files by using doPDF, a free third party Adobe .pdf print driver. The doPDF application operates the same way as your Adobe PDF Printer; LIFO-PRO requires doPDF to be installed in order to save all LIFO-PRO reports as PDF files. LIFO-PRO Software Users may download the doPDF application by clicking the link here:

doPDF Print Driver Download

The developer of the doPDF software is a Certified Microsoft Partner and provides the same printing functions & features that the Adobe PDF Print driver has. Once this print driver has been installed, the doPDF print driver will appear on the list of available printers for use in saving LIFO-PRO reports as Adobe .pdf files.