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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

A. Complete list of discontinued & replaced BLS Table 9 PPI Categories & Codes, 1992-2017 (excel file):

iconDiscontinued & Replaced PPI Categories

There are 2,375+ discontinued PPI Table 9 Categories. Contact LIFO-PRO to obtain a PPI Table 9 Replacement Code map, which is provided in Excel/Pdf format & provides the appropriate PPI Code to use for replacing discontinued PPI Codes. Click here to request a PPI Table 9 Replacement Code Map Excel file:

Request PPI Table 9 Replacement Code Map

B. Current PPI Index Tables, not seasonally adjusted (preliminary indexes):

PPI Table 9 – October 2017

PPI Table 11 – October 2017

C. Selected categories for all periods:

Current PPI Table 9 Categories(BLS website link)
Discontinued PPI Table 9 Categories(BLS website link)
Current CPI Categories(BLS website link)
*Note: PPI indexes are preliminary for July – October 2017; June 2017 and all prior periods are final PPI indexes.

D. Single month for all categories:

Archived PPI Detailed Reports

Archived CPI Detailed Reports
Note: PPI indexes in these reports are preliminary for the month of the report.

See our PPI Category Maintenance webpage for a description of preliminary & final PPI Table 9 indexes.

E. BLS Index Release Dates :

Internal Revenue Service (IRS):

Download these fillable IRS LIFO forms and filing instructions by clicking the links below:

IRS Form 970 – Application To Use LIFO Inventory Method
IRS Form 3115 – Application for Change in Accounting Method (Revised 12/2015)
IRS Form 970 Filing Instructions
IRS Form 3115 Filing Instructions(Revised 12/2015)
Final IPIC Regulations
IRS Homepage

Published Books:

Auto Dealer LIFO

LIFO-PRO, Inc. provides consulting and calculation services for, and our software can be used by companies in all industries except auto dealers.

Willard J. De Filipps, CPA, specializes in working with auto dealer LIFO and sells software for auto dealer LIFO calculations. Click here to visit the De Filipps website: Willard J. De Filipps, CPA, PC

Green Financial Outsourcing Solutions gives accounting professionals who serve the auto dealer industry a cost effective way to outsource the data capture process necessary for year-end tax preparations.

With a powerful suite of financial products, Green makes automotive data capture headaches a thing of the past. Visit the Green Outsourcings website by clicking here: Green Outsourcing Solutions

Domestic Production Activities Deduction

The DPAD Group has a nationwide practice focused almost exclusively on the optimization of domestic production activities deductions (“DPAD”) in current-year calculations and claims for refund. They provide DPAD optimization services to a client base that includes companies of all sizes, including several of the largest Fortune 500 multinational companies. They also provide DPAD services as a subcontractor to several CPA firms.

Their industry experience includes traditional manufacturing; oil and gas exploration and refining; consumer foods; power generation; software development; construction; and qualified films and broadcasting.

Their experience in the marketplace indicates that most companies fail to optimize DPAD because (i) in-house tax functions lack sufficient resources to perform thorough DPAD analyses; (ii) as a result, their calculations are too “process-dependent”; and (iii) external service providers, including the Big 4, staff DPAD projects with less-experienced personnel who apply standard methodologies as a substitute for experience and analysis.

The DPAD Group delivers hands-on, company-specific DPAD analysis by staffing projects exclusively with its founding partners, Dan Steele and John Manning. Dan is a 30-year CPA and a former Big 4 partner, and John is a 25+ year tax attorney with extensive law firm and in-house corporate experience. By staffing projects with highly-experienced personnel, The DPAD Group efficiently discovers DPAD optimization opportunities and brings to bear the expertise necessary to claim and defend all recommended DPAD benefits.

DPAD Group Contact Information:

DPAD Group Homepage

Dan Steele: Email – | Phone – (412) 303-2269
John Manning: Email – | Phone – (301) 201-9336

LIFO Coalition

The LIFO Coalition is an organization made up of over 180 members that include public & private organizations and dozens of different industry associations. Their efforts include political actions and public advocacy to ensure the preservation of LIFO. Click here to visit the LIFO Coalition webpage:

LIFO Coalition Homepage

LIFO-PRO Reports

Sample LIFO-PRO Reports
LIFO-PRO Reports Table of Contents