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Who Should Take Action?

There are key Senators in the following states:

Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah & Wyoming

If you have operations in ANY of these states, we need your participation in this effort. Company outreach has historically been proven to be the most effective means of preserving LIFO, therefore it is extremely important for companies & CPA firms to get involved by contacting their SFC members in support of LIFO before it’s too late.

Tax Bill Timeframe

It’s anticipated that the Senate will release the details of their tax reform proposal by no later than next Monday & it’s imperative that companies reach out to their Senator’s in support of LIFO prior to their tax bill being released!

How to Take Action to Help Save LIFO

Contact your Senate Finance Committee members & urge them to keep LIFO repeal off the table today. It’s vitally important for Congress to receive support for the LIFO method from businesses that are LIFO taxpayers. Members of Congress or their staffers will always listen to their constituents’ concerns.

Instructions for who to contact, how to contact them, what to include, how to format your message & a sample LIFO support letter are provided below.

Who to Contact

LIFO support letters should be sent to Senators that represent:

  1. A state that your company is headquartered in
  2. A state that your company has operations in

All messages sent to Senators are read by their office staffers; use the instructions below to identify the appropriate office staffers to contact (Senate office staffer contact information provided in link below)

Send your letter to the following Senate offices/staffers:

  • State office – Office staffer listed for your Senator/state in the Senate contact information file (contact staffer in the state office that’s closest to you if multiple state offices/staffers are listed)
  • DC Office – Office staffer listed for your Senator/state the Senate contact information file

Senate Contact Information

LIFO support letters must be emailed or faxed to your Senator’s state and/or DC office staffers (email preferred method)
Click the Senate Contact Information link below to obtain the contact info for your Senator’s office staffers (including email address & fax number)

Senate Contact Information

Sample Letter in Support of LIFO