Friday, July 28, 2017

Companies Urged to Contact Congress In Support of LIFO

The LIFO Coalition has learned of the following developments in the past week:

  • The Senate Finance Committee has begun writing their version of a tax reform bill
  • LIFO repeal is part of the tax reform discussion

Tax writers are actively looking for sources of revenue to pay for reduced tax rates and other reform proposals like expensing. The House “Blueprint” included a Border Adjustment Tax, or BAT, that would raise more than $2 trillion. That proposal proved to be very controversial and most tax observers believe it will not be included in a final tax reform proposal. Without the BAT, other revenue sources have to be found, and that search for other revenue puts LIFO in peril.

In short, LIFO is at greater risk today than it has been for years.

The citizens employed & communities supported by LIFO-taxpaying businesses are extremely influential in & have real impact on the tax reform policies made by their congressional representatives. Knowing this, LIFO-PRO & the LIFO Coalition have formed a joint effort to contact local & state representatives on The Hill to convey to them the importance of preserving the LIFO method. It is EXTREMELY critical to inform members of Congress that there are LIFO-taxpaying businesses located within their constituencies.

Take Action

LIFO taxpayers are being urged to utilize the Contact Congress page located on the LIFO Coalition’s website to contact your members of congress in support of LIFO.

Ask Congress to Preserve the LIFO Method

Other Resources for Contacting Congress in Support of LIFO

Pro-LIFO Message Template
LIFO Coalition Fact Sheet
GovTrack Representative/Senator Locator

“Pro-LIFO” Message Template on The LIFO Coalition’s Contact Congress Page:

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