LIFO-PRO, Inc. | The LIFO Experts

LIFO-PRO specializes in providing LIFO Services to companies and CPA firms. LIFO-PRO offers a full range of LIFO services. We are the developer and sole vendor of the LIFO-PRO software. It is the only standalone LIFO calculation and reporting application that is available for commercial use. It features a robust platform that completely automates LIFO calculation, documentation and reporting tasks. It was developed by the leading LIFO CPA & LIFO-PRO founder. His twenty-five years and 10,000 hours of programming time spent creating an automated LIFO internal controls system yielded the only commercially available LIFO software that is capable of providing adequate LIFO books and records.

LIFO-PRO’s clientele of over 325 companies combined annual sales exceeds $500 billion. The total inventory balances calculated by the LIFO-PRO software exceeds $100 billion. The combined LIFO Reserve for LIFO-PRO’s client’s exceeds $15 billion & cumulative LIFO tax deferral exceeding $5 billion.

Companies and CPA firms engage with LIFO-PRO for LIFO services and software because they want:

  • Absolute assurance of error-free LIFO calculations
  • LIFO calculations completed quickly
  • Comprehensive set of LIFO reports
  • Easy access to the expertise of the leading non-auto dealer LIFO practitioner in the U.S.
  • Automated calculation, documentation & reporting capabilities

The LIFO-PRO software is the only comprehensive, commercially available non-auto dealer LIFO program that exists. The software can be used for all Book and Tax LIFO methods and for Sec. 263A cost calculations for taxpayers using simplified Sec. 263A methods. The software is the result of over 8,000 hours of Visual Basic programming and is not an Excel template.

Our company is headed by the only CPA in the U.S. whose entire practice is devoted to non-auto dealer LIFO. He is the most experienced non-auto dealer LIFO practitioner in the U.S. with over 70,000 hours of non-auto dealer LIFO experience spanning over 30 years.

We serve clients in industries including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, food processing and all other industries except auto dealers. The LIFO-PRO software is used by over 60% of all department and grocery store retailer’s LIFO inventories.

In addition to our primary business of providing LIFO software and services directly to corporations, we are the non-auto dealer LIFO resource for over 60 CPA firms.